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Community Land Trusts 'do what they say on the tin'

CLT East is a regional umbrella organisation which seeks to help and support the development of Community Land Trusts across the East of England in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

If your community is thinking about a Community Land Trust, or you just have questions about the next steps to get your idea going, Get into contact with us.

COMMUNITY. Individuals, social groups, business and voluntary organisations working together for the common good of the space that they share.

LAND. Communities taking control through collective ownership of land and property assets so they can tackle the issues affecting their street, their neighbourhood, or their town.

TRUST. Trust in one another working for the common good and trust that the benefits of what we are doing now will be protected for future generations

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CLT East is making it a whole lot easier to set up a Community Land Trust. Working with local partners, we are developing great places for people to live, work and enjoy. Why not begin your journey today by getting in touch.

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