Dream Net Worth 2022: How Does Dream Make Money

Dream Net Worth: Clay, known as Dream Traps or Dream Was Taken, is a popular Youtuber. Mainly he makes videos on creating revolve around Minecraft. Dream is a well-known personality in the gaming community as well as on Twitter. He has attracted many followers and in 2021, he was nominated for the Gaming Awards in the category of “Content Creator of the Year.” His net worth is 10 million dollars. This is the report for 2021.

He has created a popular series named “Minecraft Speeddrunner versus 1/2/3/4 Hunter.” Dream also made a series where he has shared some gaming tricks. He also makes videos on a survival challenges series where he needs to overcome various difficulties to complete the game of survival mode.

Dream’s Early Life

Clay was born on 12th August 1999 in the United States. No one knows his real name. His is popular as Dream. Dream was determined that he would not go to college after completing high school graduate. He thought that he can get a job without a college degree. Currently, he is residing in Florida. Though he is a famous Youtuber but maintains a low profile in his life. Dream never brings his parents in public. Even nobody knows about his brother and sister.

Dream’s Career

In 2019, Dream came to YouTube, and surprisingly, within one year he has earned more than two million followers and has achieved 27.3 million subscribers till September 2021.

Dream joined YouTube in mid-2019. He surpassed more than 2 million subscribers in just a year or so. As of September 2021, he has earned 27.3 million subscribers on his main channel.

Though he is a solo performer in his channel, sometimes he makes videos collaborating with GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap.

Dream is not only popular as a Minecraft YouTuber, he also maintains an account on Twitch. He does not stream regularly on this platform, but more than 12 thousand viewers watch his streaming whenever he streams.

Dream Net Worth

Dream earns from different sources like Twitch, YouTube, etc. Here we have discussed how much Dream earns from different sources in detail.


How much does Dream earn from Youtube? It is completely against the rules of YouTube to talk about finance but we can forecast about it.

Approximately 32.38 million viewers visit his main channel every month and a YouTube channel in the gaming category earns on an average of 3 dollars to 7 dollars per 1000 views. So the estimated Dream’s earring is 1.94 million dollars from YouTube.

Dream also owns two more YouTube channels, those are DreamXD which has 3.78 million subscribers, and the other channel Dream Team which has 2.12 million subscribers. He also bags money from these two channels.


Now calculate his earnings from the Twitch channel. Here, Dream is an affiliate on Twitch, not a partner, and he has 4.7 million followers on this channel.

For every subscriber, Dream gets 2.50 Dollars or he can keep 50% of his earnings. He also receives money from Twitch through donations and advertisements. Dream earns from streamlabs tip jar.

From advertisements, this Youtuber makes 10 dollars per one thousand views.

Other Income Sources of Dream

Dream also runs a merch shop named dream.shop where merches are listed every week. He has created an account on Patreon where he offers plugins to subscribers. He shares 1313 patreons and manages $26,250 per month from this account.

So, we are seeing that Dream is making money from different platforms.

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